A wolf in the shape of a girl

A collection of drawings from Wolfskulljack

Had a blast at SCARdiff with the In Ear Entertainment crew. In Ear hire me to do some of their covers for them and they have exclusive rights to some of my art. Visit their website

I have some prints left and these will be going on my Etsy store in 2 weeks as I am going away to visit my family. Shop closes Tuesday but there is still time to get your Oder in before then!

A Jackalope for Kat for letting me crash at her place so I can get to SCARdiff of time!

And an Arcanine…just for fun :p

The very lovely In Ear Entertainment have said that I can share their table at this weekends SCARdiff convention in Cardiff!
In Ear hire me to do some of their covers for their audio books and they are such a nice bunch.
Visit their website here https://www.inearentertainment.com

I’ll be in Cardiff this Sunday selling prints, mini prints and my book. Come and say hello! http://scardiff.co.UK

I inked up a bear today for fun. Mordu the bear is about size A5 and is on sale for £40 including free postage to the UK.
Email harveyillustration@gmail.com to claim

A tattoo design commission for Faruku

My commissions are currently fully booked until Novemeber but I do have a waiting list available.
Tattoo commissions start off at £50 at size A5 and go up depending on complexity and size

I was recently commissioned by Skin Deep Tattoo magazine to design their tshirts for their subscribers. They were launched at Tattoo Jam this weekend.
I was invited to exhibit again but unfortunately due to living so far away and not being able to drive I couldn’t make it.

For those attending Tattoo Jam I hope you have a fantastic time!

The photo of the tshirt in action was very kindly taken by Thomas Powney (thank you Tom!)

EDIT- The winner is http://ryntyntyn.tumblr.com ! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered! p>RB TO WIN PENS!

I get asked all the time what pens I use and these are it! Super dooper £1 pens from the Works. As you can see I ink the crap out of my drawings and expensive pens run out so quickly. These are smooth, long lasting and such good value.

Most of my watchers are across the pond and don’t have The Works in your country so I’m giving away a free pack. I’ll pay for shipping and everything! I may even throw in a postcard too.

If you would like to win just Reblog and I’ll pick a winner on Sunday at random. I’ll message you directly and if you don’t want them I’ll just go onto the next person.

Thank you for supporting my work and good luck!

Giant A3 commission for Autiewuff on Twitter.
Fine liners on watercolour paper 

A3 commissions start at £110 and depend on complexity and free range

Giant A3 commission for Autiewuff on Twitter.
Fine liners on watercolour paper

A3 commissions start at £110 and depend on complexity and free range

A giant A3 commission in progress

A giant A3 commission in progress


Hi guys, thought I would knock up a quick FAQ to answer the questions that I get asked most often.

1. Can I use your art as a tattoo?
I don’t mind people getting tattoos of my work as long as the piece hasn’t already been commissioned by someone else. Just be respectful and don’t sell my work to the studio. Art is my only income and to be honest it is a little bit heartbreaking when someone will pay a tattoo artist hundreds and I don’t get a cut. I would however hope that any fan of my work would help me out by buying a print or something from my shop or make a donation to my PayPal harveyillustration@gmail.com

2. Will you scan in that piece, or make adjustments so I can get it as a tattoo?
No. However you can commission me to create a unique piece for for you. Prices can start from £50 upwards depending on the complexity of the design and how big you want it.

3. Do you take free art requests?
Art is my full time job and I never work for free or for ‘publicity’. I have bills to pay yo.

4. What materials do you use?
The fine liners I use are from The Works and cost £1 for 3. Seriously, they are the best. I have tried all kinds of expensive pens and I go through them so quickly. £1 for 3? Sorted.
The paper I use is watercolour paper as it’s thick and sturdy and I can add paints if I want to.

5. Do you have any tips on inking?
Negative space!!! Be aware of negative space, putting too much detail will make your image look too busy and distract the viewer. Also reference from photos, and have a play with thickness of lines.

6. Can I copy your work?
I’m not overly thrilled with people copying my work, but if it’s not for commercial use or you don’t plan on selling it I don’t really have a leg to stand on. Just please credit me as the original artist. Having said that I’ve had a few students study me as part of their GCSE’s which was actually really flattering and sweet!

7. Can you do illustrations for my book/band/project?
If it’s paid work than I can’t see why not. Prices do range for commercial work, please email harveyillustration@gmail.com for a quote

8. Where can I buy your stuff to support you?
My favourite question! As I’ve said art is my only income and every sale means so much to me.

Etsy has my book, postcards and original pieces

Redbubble has my tshirts , tote bags and cushions

Society6 has various prints, shower curtains and bed covers